This article was archived on 2021. 05. 31 the pieces of information were correct when the article was published, but now they may be outdated.

Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library published its new website

The new website of Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library became available to the general public on 16 April 2021. We summarized the most important pieces of information in an article to help the users in navigating on the new portal. The accessibility of the website is unchanged:

We aimed at making the interfaces most frequently used by our readers accessible on the main page. Our catalogue is made available quickly by filling in quick search field and launching search. The same interface is accessible by filling in the fields of Log in panel; so, the readers can see their current loans; they also can launch renewal, reservation and remote payment.

Visualization of news and programs is renewed. In the middle of the page our current information can be seen; you can browse our news in
News submenu on the left, our programs can be seen in Program menu in upper menu bar. Both the news and programs can be filtered by districts of Budapest and topics, programs also can be filtered by recommended age. It means that you can search and choose news and programs of all libraries on a unified interface. Our archived articles are available by clicking to Archive button.

6 main menus are developed on the portal.
About Us menu covers information and documents related to our history and operation. The drop-down menu Our Libraries includes the submenus of branch libraries and the Central Library as well as its collections. The new option on our website is that the list of branch libraries can be filtered (narrowed) by districts of Budapest and services.
52 library and collection submenus are developed altogether, where you can read the pieces of information concerning a library / collection, including addresses, reach, opening hours and available services.

Library subpage on the new website: Children's Library of Terézváros (Photo: FSZEK)

Information about library use and services is collected both in Use and Services menu items, where the relevant contents of Terms of Use are published putting great emphasis on the terms of creation of library membership. Services menu item contains the unified list of services that can be narrowed (filtered) by types of patron card clicking to side menu items.
Online Library menu covers the collection of our online sources and the detailed descriptions about them; it also contains information about remote access to electronic sources.
The sixth main menu item is Programs; the menu was mentioned previously. 

Clear access view and FAQs can be found on the upper right part of the portal. Registration to Newsletter can be launched and you can visit the Hungarian version of the portal. Besides editor’s imprint general information about the institute and applications can be read in the footer.

The earlier website of the library is available in archived form on site.

We hope that all users can easily find the information they need on our new website.Please send your feedback and comments to .