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Huge library sale!

2023.12.04 - Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library holds a sale of documents disposed of from library stocks in the Central Library.

Gyerek, Tinédzser, Felnőtt, Nyugdíjas

From Leipzig to Versailles: CD Premiere Concert by the Custos Consort

2023.12.04 18:00 - Music Collection

The Custos Consort Early Music Ensemble has recorded a CD titled 'From Leipzig to Versailles,' showcasing the captivating musical heritage of Baroque Germany and France, drawing from the repertoire of the concert of the same name.

Tinédzser, Felnőtt, Nyugdíjas

Closure during the holidays

2023.12.23 - Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

From 23rd December 2023 to 2nd January 2024, all libraries of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library will be closed. Outside of this period, we welcome our readers with the usual opening hours. Details in the article.

Give the Gift of Membership!

2023.11.27 - Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

In our libraries, you can purchase a one-year library card, or a discounted yearly multiple branch membership for using of all branch libraries as a holiday gift.

Piano Recital by Ilaria Loatelli

2023.12.12 18:00 - Music Collection

Ilaria Loatelli, a renowned pianist born in Verona, has garnered acclaim for her exceptional talent and expressive playing, earning praise from both Fabio Bidini and Catherine Rollin.

Tinédzser, Felnőtt, Nyugdíjas

The Grand Novel Budapest

2023.11.17 - Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

The Grand Novel Budapest, created for the 150th anniversary of the merging of the city, was presented in the Central Library of Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library. Report.

Obituary: István Papp (1931-2023)

2023.10.26 - Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

On behalf of both current and former staff members of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, I extend my heartfelt condolences on the passing of István Papp, our former Deputy Director General.

István Papp Has Died

Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

István Papp, the retired Deputy Director General of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, has passed away at the age of 92.


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