The Library hands over to the library patron documents and devices suitable for use. The Library will check the condition of the documents and devices upon their return. 

If the borrower has lost or mutilated the document or has returned the borrowed one with supplement incompletely and has not made up for the 
missing part with a full copy of equal collectional value of the document, then the borrower must pay compensation for damage and costs of the legal proceedings. The fines and other rules are contained in Chapter IV of Appendix #7. 

The Library handles the documents and devices not returned as lost items, thus, in order to reimburse its damage caused by unlawful infliction, it will proceed in accordance with Act L of the year 2009 on the prosecution of the order for payment. Following the 57th day calculated after the due date the Library will request a notarial order for payment, or initiates a court order for enforcement for settling the property financial damage (which is the collectional value of the lost document or the device’s registered value) and for paying the delay fine. The fee of the prosecution, the charge of the notification and the interest costs shall be borne by the library patron (or the surety). 

The library patron may settle his/her debt of fees in person in any of the branch libraries or via remote payment via the Library’s website.
As for his/her debt of documents, however, it can be settled only in the particular branch library where it originated.