Online reservation

Online reservation can be started through the surface of library catalogue.
Documents, that can be found in our catalogue system, can be reserved if your membership card is valid for the library where they are available.
Related to reservation the group of functions available in Patron data menu on catalogue surface has been expanded.

The process of reservation:

„Reservation” button can be found on „Details” site of the document, found in the catalogue. If you click on the button but you have not logged in yet, you have to log in by the barcode of your membership card and the password; after that reservation can be started. Service fee of reservation is HUF 300 by document and library.

You are warned by a message on the screen if your membership expired or the type of your registration/admission does not authorize you to reserve library documents. 
Please contact with librarians (personally or by email) in these cases and if the demanded document cannot be found in any of the libraries where you are member. You can announce your demands related to the requests through the site „New reservation requests”.

If the document is available in one library, the place of reception/borrowing includes the name and address of the library. If you have the opportunity to reserve the required document in more libraries (your membership is valid for them), you have to choose one in the rolling list.

A reservation process can be started to reserve the document from one library at the same time (not in group). Each reservation has to be paid (separately), so, it is worth starting one reservation process for a certain document only once.

If there are more copies or editions, you can tick off the „Other edition is also good” checkbox, so the librarian can choose from more possibilities to fulfill your reservation request. If only one certain edition is good for you, please let the checkbox empty.

In the case of more reservations of the same copy (item), in more libraries, the system controls each library and – when the reserved documents are returned – the system notifies the readers by email and – at the same time – its fee is burdened to your readers’s card; more reservations – more fees.

So, after getting the first message, or if the „Returned, receivable” notice can be seen on reader’s surface, it is worth cancelling the other reservations (in other libraries) because it is not cancelled automatically.

If a document is reserved, however, you do not need it (for any reason) and you have not got a message yet, reservation can be cancelled either personally or by email in the library where it was required. Your reservation request can be activated by clicking on „Send the request” button.

Online reservations are checked and considered by the librarians on the first workday after sending the request.

Status control of reservation:

The title and status of reserved document can be seen on your entry page, on „My libraries” label, in „Reservations” table under the (given) library.


  •     „Requested, under processing”
    Status of new request in case of more identical items before it is considered by the librarian.

  •     „Fulfilment is going on”
    Request is activated by the system and the return of the requested document is monitored. The date of Term of limitation can be seen; it is the date till the request is monitored; by default the time covers 60 days if other time has not been assigned.

  •     „Returned, receivable”
    When the reserved documents are returned, the system notifies the readers by email and – at the same time – its fee is burdened to your readers’s card; 
service fee of reservation is HUF 300 (by document and library). „Deadline for receiving documents" shows the day till it can be received. The fee of reservation has to be paid anyway, whether the reader accepts the returned document or no till the deadline.

  •     „Refused”
    If all copies of the requested document disappeared, request is refused; refusal can be explained which you can see on screen. In this case, 
„Request of interlibrary loan" can be started.

  •     „Cancelled”
If you cancel your reservation by „Cancel" button, your request disappears from Reservation table and - at the same time - you are noticed by a text message (about validity of cancellation) in green background that can be seen on the top (upper part) of the screen.

When the reserved documents are returned, the system notifies the readers by e-mail and on reader’s surface. Then you have 5 workdays to receive the documents in the library.

The service of reservation costs HUF 300; its fee is burdened to your readers’s card when the system notifies the readers.

Before receiving the documents, this cost and other ones including debts can be paid in cash in the library or you can use „payment by creditcard” on your own surface, online, after logging in.

See more information about online payment in the article „Remote payment”.

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