Urban Studies

Budapest Collection is the local history collection of the capital. Nearly 750 000 printed and digitized works and manuscripts as well as photos are available to those who are interested in development of the city and living conditions of its inhabitants. Part of the collection comprises about 100 000 volumes including manuscripts, books, periodicals and journals, maps, suitable better for traditional library image. The holdings are increased continuously, attempting to possible completeness. 

  • Let’s see some examples of what we offer: 
  • Urban studies - Source publications and adaptations 
  • Accounts of the city, travel guides 
  • Directories, registers, real estate registers, telephone books
  • Architectural, urbanistic and sociological dissertations
  • Materials issued by the administrative institutions of the capital; regulations, reports
  • Documents of institutions, organisations and public services of the capital
  • Newspapers of the capital and the districts, materials of local public life and political battles
  • Statistical series
  • Maps and plans
  • School and society almanacs, reports
  • Publications of associations, societies and organisations as well as
  • venues and institutions of culture and social life
  • Bulletins of factories, firms, shops and restaurants
  • Popular journals, calendars and fashion magazines
  • Literary works (fiction...) linked with Budapest and its districts, depicting the unique atmosphere and urban way of life
  • Music sheets of popular dance music, melodies and songs favoured all over the city in former times
The collection has been developed since the end of the 19th century. It contains great number of old rare books. There is a rich part of the collection that covers literature related to combats during the time of Turkish occupation and  fight for recapture of Buda. Due to unified viewpoint of collecting, publications selected as parts of Budapest Collection are considered as documents to preserve permanently; that is why they are classified as museum pieces by law. They are available for everyone but only for onsite use and sometimes by observing certain rules. The place of the use is the reading room of Budapest Collection on the 6th floor of the Central Library. In the catalog, either „Budapest Collection stock” label or store-numbers beginning with letter „B” remind us.

Budapest Collection

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