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The presentation of storybooks in Ukrainian

On 28th April 2022, Ukrainian storybooks with Hungarian folk tales were presented to the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library by Dávid Rózsa, the Head Director of the National Széchényi Library, and Liliána Grexa spokeswoman for the Ukrainian community in Hungary and the president of the Nova Hvylja Association.

The book was published in 1500 copies by Móra Publishing, the Nova Hvylja Association and the National Széchényi Library, with the support of the Petőfi Cultural Agency and printed by Alföldi Press. To mark this event, Péter Fodor, the Head Director of MESZL, gave a proposition for further cooperation from the library to help the refugee children and families from Ukrain. Copies of the book are available in many branch libraries of MESZL, waiting for readers to enjoy them.

fotók a könyvek átadásáról
The photos taken during the presentation of the books (gallery)
fotók a könyvek átadásáról
Source/Photos: MESZL