This article was archived on 2023. 01. 01 the pieces of information were correct when the article was published, but now they may be outdated.

Reader interest grows for the services of Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

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The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, for the sake of the city residents and library users, despite the steeply rising utility costs, continues to provide its services economically but uninterrupted in the Central library and the branch library network. According to the latest user data and tendencies, we see that those, who can afford less of the cultural life, found our services even more valuable: since the start of September about 40 thousand people registered in the MESZL libraries. As we approach the holidays, we have another chance to issue gift library cards to put under the Christmas trees.

Important notice: in case of libraries, which operate inside a community center that is closing due to the energy-saving regulations - this concerns currently Pestújhely and Csepel -, MESZL is going to make sure to assign other branch libraries to take in and provide services for their readers. This way, every district is going to have access to library services, and not just through the Central Library.

For attending the needs of our readers, the MESZL network will be open as usual up until the 23rd December 2022 and from 2nd January 2023. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day the libraries will be closed.

Despite the rise in book prices, we continue to acquire new books, even the ones published around the holidays; this year 50 thousand new books had landed on our shelves.

In 2022, the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library had welcomed 1.1 million visitors, the readers borrowed more than 2.7 million documents, renewd them, and currently there are more than 210 thousand documents are in the hands of our readers.

Poster: MESZL