Docks - the Teens' space

Land on our shores!
In 2018, the Docks, our section for ages 14-24 moved to a new place. In June 2018 we launched a project for the furnishing of the area, and in November 2019 our young and passionate winners helped us furnish this a big corner.
You can find not just board games, more serious comics and mangas, but popular literature, Red-Spot books, fantasy and sci-fi books, foreign language and language learning books. You can browse on our favorite shelves among what we call “Green Spot books” or simply called “Outlooking” books about every important subject.
We have regular Docks book club - during the pandemic online - so join us, write if you are interested: Lilla Varga
We gladly accept your book recommendation, which you can drop into the box hidden amongst the shelves, or just mention it by the counter how much do you like the book, and we’ll try to get it.
You can also reach us on Instagram and Facebook: Instagram: fszekulloi Facebook: fszekulloi
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Library of Üllői út

1191 Budapest, Üllői út 255.
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Opening hours
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    Tomorrow: 12:00-19:00

Phone number:
(1) 281-1163
Manager: Popovics Beatrix
Head Librarian

Registration for natural and legal persons:
free of charge / 12 months
Administration fee of registration reader card:
HUF 300 / 12 months

Daily card: HUF 1500 / day

Borrowing privileges in one library:
HUF 5100 / 12 months
HUF 3900 / 6 months
HUF 2800 / 3 months

Establishment of membership for using all branches simultaneously:
HUF 9900 / 12 months
HUF 7300 / 6 months