Children’s library - Fairy Tale Island

We gladly welcome you on the Fairy Tale Island of Üllői road Library! The smallest readers can sit on a play mat and dive into toys, picture books and beautiful fairy tale books, while those who can already read alone can find beginner’s reading books, animal stories and children’s novels. On a separate shelf we have books for young teens, up to age 13, they can relax on beanbags in their corner. Our airships will take you anywhere you want, just let your fantasy fly free! Our educational books are regularly renewed, you can browse among them, if you are interested in science and the world.
If you are over 14, you can check out the new releases and the popular books in the Docks

Nowadays, choose-your-own-adventure books are extremely popular. In these, you can create your own story. Slide strips are also living there renaissance amongst the smallest children, we have a wide variety to choose from. We also keep increasing the number of foreign language children’s books, since they seem to get more and more popular each day.
If you have a bit more free time, come play some board games, we are certain we have games you have not played before.
In our club room we await the families with regular programs and we organize activities for school and kindergarten groups. Once every month we have “Kerekítő” rhyming, singing activities for the smaller kids and their parents, grandparents, and the school students can flaunt their creativity and knowledge on our annual games.

Feel free to ask for help, we gladly help you find something to read or give you ideas for your homework.

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"Manófaktúra" (Magnomefactory)
In 2011, we started the program series called “Fairy tale crafts” then “Friday fun” then finally “Magnomefactory”. On every Friday from September till May we gather together and we make crafts and sometimes listen to stories based on a yearly theme. This program is free, the crafting materials are supplied by the library, thanks to the aid of the Government of Kispest. Since September 2016 our regular guest is Sylvie, the two-eared storyteller.

Our yearly themes so far: 2011: Nature; 2011/12: Holidays; 2012/13: Recycling; 2013/14: Folk tales; 2014/15: Folk tales, professions, brainstorming; 2015/16: Experiments, interests; 2016/2017: Travel companions wanted for a trip around the world - countries, people, cultures; 2017/18: Fairy tale objects, props; 2018/19: Forest adventures; 2019/2020: HaHó - we make useful stuff.

Drawing competition
Since 2011, we announce our thematic drawing competition in every September-October for ages 4-14.
Our themes so far:
2011: “Over the Glass Mountain” - who is your favorite fairy tale character? - awards given by Zsolt Erdőss mountaineer
2012: “Time travelling to our grandparents childhood” - The grand prize was a “készlény” by Anikó Varga textile designer, created from the winning drawings. The children could also try out toys from their grandparents time. The big success amongst the small kids was the “Where does the energy escape? - Interactive playhouse”, loaned to us by Dagály street Library.
2013: “You will always be my friend. And you will gladly laugh with me.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The little prince) - we also made friendship-bracelets during the ceremony.
2014: “Panther, lion, gorilla... macaque!” - competition about Africa
2015: “What a bird!” - competition about birds
2016: “My book - Design your cream bookcover!” - Do you have a favorite story? Favorite fairy tale? Design a cover for it! - The awards were given by Pál Szende Csernik Székely foot puppeteer.
2017: “One good turn deserves another!” - What does helpfulness and good will mean to you? What characters do you know, who help those in need? Do you help someone, how, who?
2018: “Fun buzz in the forest” - competition about forest animals, plants
2019: “I was dropped into my favorite story” - competition about favorite stories and novels

“Kerekítő” Rhyming Fun for ages 0-3 with lap-games, nursery rhymes, musical instrument toys
Laughter and fun with the folk rhymes and lap-games of “Kerekítő” book series, with songs and musical instrument toys sprinkled in. Toys inherited from our grandparents are the flowerbed of emotional safety and artistic education. The love-language of rhymes in our first years, the touch, hugs and smiles follow the children through their whole lives. Let’s play, sing, exercise together!
This activity is hosted by Katalin Farkas kindergarten teacher.

Scratch Club - programming for ages 8-14
Are you interested in programming? Learn it, practice easily and quickly with the help of a free website developed for children!
We supply the laptop and WiFi for the program!
Scratch is an object-oriented, interpreted, dynamic and visual programming language, which was developed firstly for children interested in programming. (Wikipedia)
Hosted by: Dea Klement


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