Children’s Dragon Library

Phone: (36-1) 411-5020


Located on a nearly 600 m2 (717 square yard) area with a special atmosphere on the 1st floor of the library, this new collection welcomes visitors aged 0 to 101 years - primarily children, but also their parents and grandparents, as well as teachers.

The selection of the children’s library comprises the following:

  • 22 thousand titles of tales, adventure stories, juvenile fiction, picture books, educational material
  • fifty different magazines in Hungarian and foreign languages (English, German, French)
  • a great variety of board games in the Playcorner („Játékkuckó”)
  • the Dragon Court (“sárkányos udvar”)
  • the latest CD-ROM games
  • literature in foreign languages, language books for language learners
  • online catalogue
  • a great variety of programs
    With a child reader card aged 0 to 10 years only documents belonging to the stock of the Children’s Library may be borrowed.

    Children's Dragon Library

    Membership entitles you to borrow up to 8 interesting, amusing and useful books from the Central Library.
    Registration and borrowing books take place at the counter on the ground floor.

    Children's Dragon Library

    1088 Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1.
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    Opening hours
      Today 13:00-19:00
      Tomorrow: 13:00-19:00

    Phone number:
    Manager: Dienes Éva
    team leader

    Registration for natural and legal persons:
    free of charge / 12 months
    Administration fee of registration reader card:
    HUF 300 / 12 months

    Daily card: HUF 1500 / day

    Borrowing privileges in one library:
    HUF 7300 / 12 months
    HUF 5100 / 6 months
    HUF 3700 / 3 months

    Establishment of membership for using all branches simultaneously:
    HUF 9900 / 12 months
    HUF 7300 / 6 months