Library membership

Library membership provides access to most of the services at any of our branch libraries. There are different types of membership categories:

Registration card
  • Ára:

    free for a year (administration fee of HUF 200)
  • Feljogosít:

    local use of collection (further information), wifi
  • Nem jogosít fel:

    borrowing, use of subscribed databases
    Registration (With a library card with borrowing privileges)
    • Ár:

      Fees vary by branch library
    • Feljogosít:

      fully comprehensive library use and cheaper fee-based services (further information)
    • borrowing
    • It can be offered for library users who claim other library services.
    Library a year a half year a quarter year
    Central Library

    12/6/3 months

    6 600 HUF 4 600 HUF 3 300 HUF
    Library I. és Library II.

    12/6/3 months

    4 600 HUF 3 500 HUF 2 500 HUF
    Library III.

    12/6/3 months

    2 600 HUF 1 800 HUF 1 200 HUF
    Season ticket
    • Ára:

      9 500 HUF for a year, 6 600 HUF for a half year
    • Feljogosít:

      fully comprehensive library use, and cheaper fee-based services – even in all libraries. (further information)
    • More library can be offered to visitors.
    Daily card
    • Ára:

      1100 HUF for a day
    • Feljogosít:

      local use, wifi, use of subscribed database (further information)
    • Nem jogosít fel:


    • It is offered especially for researchers.