Delay, overdue charges

If  the  borrower  fails to return  the  documents  and/or  devices  by  the  due  date, then the Library will send a registered letter to the library patron, or the surety in case of a surety borrower, prompting them to settle the debt.

The day of notification: 18th calendar day calculated from the due date and in the case of devices the 7th calendar day calculated from the due date.
The postage cost of the notification is paid by the borrower.
As a comfort service, if the borrower has given their email address for this purpose, the Library 
  • will send an email notifying about the due date on the last day before the expiry, or
  • will send an email as a last warning about the date of the order for payment and the expected charges on the 45th day calculated from the due date.
The Library shall not be responsible for the failure of notifications on the receiver’s side. 
For documents and devices returned after the due date of loan – irrespective of allowances for fees the library patron is entitled to – each borrower must pay a late fee.

Document types Overdue charges
1. Books, music sheets HUF 70 / volume or piece / calendar day
2. Journals, slides HUF 70 /piece / calendar day
3. Educational package HUF 70 / package / calendar day
4. Audiobook (CD and tape) HUF 70 / title / calendar day
5. DVD HUF 100 / disc / calendar day
6. Music CD and pre-recorded CD, video tape, CD-ROM HUF 70 / disc or tape / calendar day
7. Music disc and tape, pre-recorded discs and tapes HUF 70 / piece / calendar day
8. CD player and tape player HUF 70 / piece / calendar day

Source: Terms of use 2024