Membership discounts:

Free membership for:
  • young people aged under 16 (Act CXL, 1997);
  • persons above the age of 70 (Act CXL, 1997;
  • librarians, (Government Decree 6/2001 (01.17) and retired persons of FSZEK;
  • employees of museums and archives, (Government Decree 6/2001 (01.17);
  • persons with severe disabilities as verified by the GP or by a medical specialist (Government Decree 335/2009 (12.29.);
50% discount on membership fee:
  • to students with Hungarian or International Student Card (Government Decree 6/2001) (01.17.);
  • pensioners under the age of 70;
  • to persons receiving regular social benefits from the municipality;
  • persons who get childcare benefit (GYED);
  • persons who get childcare allowance (GYES), persons who get child-rearing support (GYET), persons who get baby-care allowance (CSED);
  • persons with official permits released from the State Treasury of Hungary have to provide documentation for all types of eligibility;