Due to the intensive IT development of the last few years, Bibliography of Sociological Literature (called SzocioWeb) can be searched independently, on a new platform from 2018. All in all, the search interface is known for users of the library catalog, unique/special elements are developed to help with effective data collecting.

The link of the database:

The characteristics of the database:

SzocioWeb is the database that has collected the selected bibliography of Hungarian sociology as well as the social sciences of Hungarian relation since 1970. Now it contains more than 202 000 bibliographic items.

The database registers articles of periodicals, article series, certain works published in volumes of studies, monographies, multi-volume-sets, copies of thematic periodicals in the circle of adjacent fields. It is gradually enlarged, 5000 items per year. It is developed on the basis of the analitical opening of 1000 books and nearly 200 sorts of journals. Now the database also contains more than 20 000 references to full texts.

It is the bibliographic database of the literature of Hungarian sociology as well as the social sciences of Hungarian relation published abroad. Most documents of the collection can be found in the Central Library of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library.

Naturally, the material of the bibliography can also be searched in the catalog.   Here, in case of advanced search the documents can be narrowed to sociological bibliography at Collection menu.

It is worth using Browse function when searching by subject word and '%' mark when truncating word stems.

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