Remote payment

The group of functions in menu item Login/Patron data on the surface of library catalogue has been expanded.

If you have unpaid debts on your reader’s card in one of our libraries, starting from your data sheet you can settle debts by SimplePay paying system of OTP Bank if you pay by creditcard.

We inform you that online payment can be launched only if you have email address on your data sheet. In case of book or other documents, the sums of fine shown together with the type of fine become debts payable online only after renewal or check-in.
If email address cannot be found among your data, you will be informed about it by a message, after login. In default of this message it is worth checking data in email address field on „Data” label because the system sends all messages to that email address after online transaction. If the field is empty or the email address is changed or there is a clerical error, you can correct or supplement that certain item (only that one, exclusively).

If you are the member of more libraries, after logging in, you can see a few pieces of information on the label „My libraries”, including the names and addresses of the libraries that you use. You can check the pieces of information about the loans belonging to the place of loan and notices of reservations and debts (if you have any) at each library. If you do not have debts at all, you are informed about it by the notice „No loan, hold or due”.

If you have already had financial transactions, the label „Finances” appears besides „My libraries” and „Data” labels. The label „Finances” shows your debts listed by libraries. Payment by creditcard can be started through both „My libraries” and „Finances” labels. Debts can be ticked off (marked off) either in group or one at a time. The button „Pay by card” becomes active after this marking process; clicking on it you can see a warning firstly: „After successful transaction, please do not forget to check that paid debts really disappear from your reader’s card. If the sum of the paid debts can be seen after successful transaction, it is necessary for you to get in touch with our library.” After reading the warning you should tick off the checkbox „I understand” and, finally, you can click to „OK”. Doing so, the process continues on the online payment surface of OTP Bank.

Under the button „Pay by card” you can find the Information about SimplePay - Online paying system

We draw your attention that if you leave the website of SimplePay before the end of transaction and go back to the library catalogue using the Back button of the browser or you close the browser before the end of transaction, payment may be unsuccessful in our system. If debts remain in window labelled „Debts” after paying, please send a message to in order to indicate that something is wrong.

Not only the bills settled personally in the library but the invoice of online payment can be seen and printed on the label „Finances” by „Invoices”. If you choose the new window opened by the reference label „Details”, you can print the invoice and you can see its details as well.

Printing can be carried out by librarian’s assistance, on your request, in the library.

Status report of your online transactions can be seen on the label „Finances” by „Bank transactions”. It contains both the successful (valid) and unsuccessful transactions, their dates, the sum of paid invoice and an identifier.

Login to Patron data

Short summary

  • Login to menu item Login/Patron data on the surface of the catalogue.
  • Please choose the debts to be paid on „My libraries” or „Finances” labels by ticking the checkbox in front of the row of the debt or mark all (debts) to be paid.
  • Clicking to the button „Payment by creditcard” you are guided to the payment by creditcard of the website of SimplePay system.
  • Record your data and start paying by clicking to „Pay" button.
  • Please wait until the system directs back to the surface of the library.
  • Please check your bank transactions.
  • If you choose the new window opened by the reference label „Details”, to the right of the data of the invoice, you can print the invoice and you can see its details as well.

When you finish the work processes, please exit by „Logout" menu item.
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