How to Renew your Online Membership

1. Login

There are two methods to log in to your library account.

Option 1: Go to the Login box on the main page of the library website:

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Option 2: Use the Catalogue page on the library's website and click on the Login button in the upper right-hand corner. The Login box will appear:

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To log in, you will need the barcode number on your library membership card and your password. If you do not know your password, please click the text that says “Forgot password” on the main page of the website, and request a new one.

2. Patron Data

After a successful login, you will land on the Patron Data page. In the dialog box, click on the Data tab.

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The Data page contains the user's personal data and reader data. The Reader data section shows the full barcodes (registrations), their expiration dates, and lists the different reader's tickets that belong to the person.

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It also indicates if the patron has permission for online registration renewal. This renewal option is indicated by the red rotating arrow. By clicking on the arrow, a window will pop up with the conditions and details of the reader's ticket renewal.

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After reading the renewal information in the pop-up window, press the Confirm button to renew your reader's ticket.

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In the case of a successful renewal, the new expiry date of the reader's ticket will be displayed. There is nothing more to do unless a debt has been generated during the renewal process. If that happens, you can settle it online.

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