New Director General at the head of Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

the portrait of Kovácsné Koreny Ágnes

After 25 years, starting from 29th February 2024, a new Director General manages the function of the biggest library network of Hungary, which has the largest reader and user base. Ágnes Kovácsné Koreny was elected as the Director General of the establishment in September 2023 by the City Council of Budapest, based on her application called "Library for the living, livable, smart and sustainable Budapest" aims for the preservation of the traditional values of the library, while renewing its operation and services.

Ágnes Kovácsné Koreny has previously worked in the Library of the Hungarian Parliament then the Office of the National Assembly in various management positions. From 2014, as Deputy Director General of Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, she had a significant role in the planning and execution of the following strategic plans: Inform. Integrate. Inspire; Our city. Our library. Our story. MESZL - Library of Budapest. In 2018, thanks to her managing the quality assurance work, MESZL earned the Qualified Library title.

Although the 2023 traffic data of the library network with 298 000 registered users is reminiscent of the 2019, pre-pandemic traffic data, there is a constant need for the improvement of the function and services of the library. The vision of the professional program of the new Director General shows the branch libraries of MESZL as centers of information, knowledge and community, and also as attractive, safe spaces, which are must-see destinations for those who seek and value reading, culture, lifelong learning, content and quality life, social and community well-being.

For the following years, the plans include the strengthening of the role of modern, open, inclusive and green library for the Central Library and the 47 branch libraries; community-led, innovative and sustainable service development; support of digital inclusivity and digital culture, and the strengthening of local communities and community initiatives. In these plans, the library has an important role as "the second living room of families".

In 2024, MESZL celebrates the 120th anniversary of its opening. On this occasion, the library is preparing many new updates. Among others, the test period of e-book borrowing is going to start in spring; the search interface of the library catalogue is going to renew; the 24/7 locker system for non-contact borrowing is going to be expanded; in certain libraries borrowing is going to be available through mobile application. However, in this anniversary year, aside from our usual events, we welcome anyone interested on family days, urban history walks, robotics sessions for reading improvement and other new events.

Professional biography of Ágnes Kovácsné Koreny

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