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Board Game Club for Teens & Adults at the Central Library

Drawn board game pieces and board gamesWe welcome everyone aged 14 to 99 to join us every second Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM in the Small Gallery of the Central Library (second floor).

Upcoming dates in 2023:

12 and 26 January

You can come alone or with friends; all you need is your library card! (It's free of charge up to the age of 16; after that, there's a 300.-Ft/person/year administration fee.) Please bring your ID and address card for registration.

We play a wide variety of board and card games, including Dobble, Marrakech, Storycubes, Dixit, Panic Lab, Taboo, Bang, and many more, alongside the customary French-suited playing cards. If you have a favorite game, don't hesitate to share it with the group and introduce it to new enthusiasts.

The program is free of charge; however, advance registration is required.

For more details and registration, contact:

Katalin Myszöglád, Club Leader
Email: myszoglad@fszek.hu,
Phone: +36 1 411 5000/5113

If you enjoy board games and a friendly environment, come on down!

You can access the privacy policy related to registration by clicking here.
Participation in the programs organized by the library is free of charge. By attending the event, participants acknowledge that photographs and videos may be taken during the program and could be published on the library's website or Facebook page. Data management is based on voluntary consent. If you wish to object to the publication of your profile, please submit a written request.

Poster: Canva & MESZL

Central Library

1088 Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 1.
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Opening hours
    Today Closed-Closed
    Tomorrow: Closed-Closed
Opening hours of the Children's Dragon Library can be read here.

06 1 411 5100

Further contact details

Contact for the director:

E-mail: kktitkar@fszek.hu
Phone number:
06 1 411 5017
Manager: Farkas Ferenc

Registration for natural and legal persons:
free of charge / 12 months
Administration fee of registration reader card:
HUF 400 / 12 months

Daily card: HUF 1650 / day

Borrowing privileges in one library:
HUF 7800 / 12 months
HUF 5400 / 6 months
HUF 4000 / 3 months

Establishment of membership for using all branches simultaneously:
HUF 10000 / 12 months
HUF 7700 / 6 months



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