Let’s play together! - Board Game Club

Board Game ClubLet’s play together! - Board Game Club

The Board Game Club of the AfterNoon Foundation and the Csillagtelepi Library welcomes everyone who likes to play games, ages 9-99, on the first Wendesday of every month at 2 P.M.

New games (The little prince, Code names, Ticket to Ride, Dr. Button) and many other board games and card games are ready to be tried out!

You can meet new people, play games and chat on this free program.
For more information, visit the website of AfterNoon Foundation: https://delutan.hu/hu/jatekklubok.
Kinesiology club
Kinesiology Club    Kinesiology ClubPhotos: MESZL

2020.03.12 Dear Readers, Visitors!
Due to the COVID-risks, our programs will be suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding!

On Wednesday afternoon every two weeks, at 4.30 P.M our club meets in the library, where you can chat about lifestyle questions in a familial atmosphere.

Ági Novák club leader holds lectures.

We gladly welcome old and new members alike!

Address: 2 Vénusz street Budapest 1214
Phone: (1) 276-8953
E-mail: fszek2105@fszek.hu

Library of Csillagtelep

1214 Budapest, Vénusz utca 2.
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Opening hours
    Today Closed-Closed
    Tomorrow: 13:00-19:00

E-mail: fszek2105@fszek.hu​
Phone number:
(1) 276-8953
Manager: Biró Ilona
Head Librarian

Registration for natural and legal persons:
free of charge / 12 months
Administration fee of registration reader card:
HUF 200 / 12 months

Daily card: HUF 1100 / day

Borrowing privileges in one library:
HUF 2600 / 12 months
HUF 1800 / 6 months
HUF 1200/ 3 months

Establishment of membership for using all branches simultaneously:
HUF 9500 / 12 months
HUF 6600 / 6 months