Basic service

    • Catalog

      The Library develops an electronic catalog of the whole library holdings and part of the electronic documents related to the holdings which is available in the library system and on the internet. This catalog is freely available for anyone without library membership both in the library system and on the internet.

    • ​Library use

      Basic service available with a registration card in any of the branch libraries. All library visitors have to accept and observe Terms of Use of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library.

    Local use

    • Local use of databases

      Subscribed databases can be used only by patrons with a valid library membership (with daily ticket and reader's card authorizing for borrowing) on the computers provided by the library or on own devices using WiFi.

    • Local use

      Documents for local use only are determined by the library; their usage requires registration; the service is available in all branch libraries.

    • Use of computers

      The computers of the Library may be used only by patrons with a valid library membership (with registration card, daily ticket, reader's card authorizing for borrowing). Patrons may not use the internet service in the Library for business purpose and illegal actions, nor may they disturb or hamper the work of others. Should the librarian perceive such an occurence,  Terms of Use in V.2. point takes effect. If the user saves the identifiers necessary for Internet use while using world wide web through library computers and so he/she gives chance for misuse, the Library does not take the responsibility, it cannot be impeached.


    • Reservation

      Documents sought by the patron - and on loan or under delivery to branch libraries - may be reserved having paid the fee of notification and procedure in person in the branch libraries and on the web-based catalog of the Library after login. The reserved document is monitored by the Library until the date required by the library patron, or for two months at most. If the reserved document arrives, the patron will be notified in email or on telephone. The document is held by the Library for 8 calendar days after notification, the reservation will be nullified thereafter. The reservations will be satisfied by the Library in the sequence of requests.

      The fee of the service:
      HUF 300 / volume

      The charge of utilization of the service is contained in the list of rates and Appendix #7  of Terms of Use.

    • Renewal

      The term of loan – except for success books and reserved works – can be renewed twice before the due date, until the end of the term of the library membership at most in person, by telephone, in email in opening hours of the library or via the Library’s website in 24 hours (non-stop). On his/her renewal through the website the library patron gets a message on the interface and, in case he/she has given his/her email address, a feedback in email as well.

    • Loan - collection of children's library

      For 4 weeks max. 8 titles (items). With a child reader card, aged 0 to 10 years, only documents belonging to the stock of the children's library may be borrowed.

    • Loan - weekly, periodical

      For two weeks; maximum 10 pieces can be borrowed.

    • Loan - book

      For 4 weeks; max. 10 titles can be borrowed with library membership card authorizing to borrow, after paying membership fee. They can be renewed twice if they are not reserved and validity of the reader's card is not due.

    • Loan - bestseller

      For 2 weeks; max. 2 titles. The loan period of bestsellers is not renewable.

    • Interlibrary loan among FSZEK branches
      Documents missing from the holdings of certain branch libraries can be transferred on loan from another branch library by the library patron for a fee. The fee of the transfer loan are contained in the list of rates (see Appendix #7). The fee of the transfer loan must be paid when the request is submitted. The document requested in transfer loan is secured for the library patron by the Library within 20 working days calculated from its accessibility in the branch library where the request was submitted as a member. The fees of reprography of documents or document parts not to be loaned and available only in copy to be sent must be reimbursed by the library patron. The due date of the documents transferred on loan may not be renewed.

      The fee of the service:
      HUF 500/volume

      The fees of copying are contained in the list of rates (see Appendix #7; Terms of Use).

    • ​Interlibrary loan via the National Document

      The Library gives information on the location of documents missing in the holdings of its branch libraries in the service system set up by the System of National Document Supply by means of the national register of locations. With awareness of the location of the document and in response to the order by the library patron the Library will initiate the interlibrary loan of the document. The library patron must reimburse the expenses incurred by the delivery of the document (mailing fee, packing) upon receipt of the document.  If the delivery of the requested document is claimed by the requesting library in digital form, the charges of scanning must be reimbursed.

      In interlibrary loan the conditions of use of the document are stipulated by the provider library. The expenses of reprography of documents deliverable in copy only are to be paid by the library patron. The copy must be ordered by the library patron in writing. The document received within the framework of interlibrary loan can be collected within 8 calendar days calculated from its arrival. The claimant has the option to request notification about the arrival. The costs of notification and the fee of loan charged by the provider service library are to be borne by the library patron. The international library loan of documents available only in foreign libraries is managed by the Library in cooperation with the National Széchényi Library (Országos Széchényi Könyvtár - OSZK). Its  procedure and its rates  are determined by the National Széchényi Library. 

      The fee of the service:
      HUF 1600/pack

      The relevant charges are in Appendix #7, Terms of Use.

    Remote use

    • Remote use of databases

      Readers with a valid membership card can use the subscribed contents of the library either from home or from any part of the world; those ones which are permitted by the content provider.
      Some alterations by editing the settings of the browser – to set up the proxy settings – are necessary to use the service (help is provided below); then you can identify yourself with your valid membership card.

      The online registration for database access enables users to remotely access the online databases provided by MESZL. Once activated, the virtual ticket remains valid for 30 days, and users can renew it thereafter. You can find the renewal guide here.
      To register for the service, please initiate the process on the Library Catalogue page. Access to the databases is possible after remote payment. Details regarding the fees for online registration are outlined in the table of fees (refer to Appendix 7#, Terms of Use).

    E-mail service

    • Email notification before due date

      For readers, who have given their email address for this purpose, the Library will send a reminder via email about the due date 2 weeks before the end of their memberships, and also on the last day before the due date. 

    • Email notification before order of payment

      The library sends an email as a last warning of the date of commencement of payment order and the expected charges on the 45th day calculated from the due date.

    Remote payment

    • Remote payment

      For settling various fees and debts the Library offers an opportunity for remote payment to its logged-in patrons as an amenity via its website. To utilize this service, the patron must have a bank card and an email address. In case of remote payment an automatically generated voucher is issued in Corvina integrated library system by the Library to the customer; it can be seen and printed by the reader after logging in (individually) via the main page of library website.


    • Taking photos of documents by own device

      Photo ticket can be purchased in all branch libraries. Reprographic copy can be made only pursuant to regulations of the copyright law. The service can be used in case of given pages and other parts of documents.

      The fee of the service: HUF 700 / occasion.

      The fees are contained in the chart of rates (see Appendix #7).

    Library visit

    • Programs of library use for school groups

      The service is available without library membership, freely. Before library visit, contact with the competent colleague of the branch library is needed.

    • ​Library visit with the purpose of library pr

      The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library welcomes all colleagues from Hungary and beyond the border who would like to get acquainted with the branch libraries, the services and professional practice of the Library either individually or within the frame of professional tours and self-development. Before library visit, contact with the competent colleague of the branch library is needed.

    • ​Public library programs

      As a cultural institution with public collection, the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is committed to organize useful cultural programs. Library visit to see public library programs is free for anyone without library membership.


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Phone number:
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Registration for natural and legal persons:
free of charge / 12 months
Administration fee of registration reader card:
HUF 400 / 12 months

Daily card: HUF 1650 / day

Borrowing privileges in one library:
HUF 3100 / 12 months
HUF 2100 / 6 months
HUF 1500/ 3 months

Establishment of membership for using all branches simultaneously:
HUF 10000 / 12 months
HUF 7700 / 6 months