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The library is the successor of the library established in 1957 at 20 Kertész street. After multiple renovations it has been operating in its current location since 2000. The two-floored space readily welcomes the district's residents and high-school students with an adundance of various books and DVDs for loan. In the cultural center of Elizabethtown, our library has gained a prominent place in the midst of theaters, cinemas, universities, colleges and establishments with long histories. Our collection is mainly for adults and high school students.

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  • Andrea Kuczkó - Head Librarian
  • Bettina Szűcs - Librarian
  • Ottó Majoros - Librarian
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Library of Kertész utca

1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 15.
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Opening hours
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Phone number:
(1) 322-6656
Manager: Bátyay Józsefné
Head Librarian

Registration for natural and legal persons:
free of charge / 12 months
Administration fee of registration reader card:
HUF 300 / 12 months

Daily card: HUF 1500 / day

Borrowing privileges in one library:
HUF 2900 / 12 months
HUF 2000 / 6 months
HUF 1400/ 3 months

Establishment of membership for using all branches simultaneously:
HUF 9900 / 12 months
HUF 7300 / 6 months