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The Library from home service has been expanded

The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library regards the provision of services accessible remotely as a highly important task to ensure them for all who are interested in such services, especially for people participating in education, either its traditional form or digital ones, in the period of pandemic situation.

The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is the subscriber of several databases providing online services; so, the collection covers Digitalstand which provides total contents of dailies and magazines, Új Jogtár, EBSCO databases as well as periodicals and packs of dictionaries published by Akadémia Publishing House (Akadémiai Kiadó).
You can also search some databases of Szaktárs, Céginfo, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Gale databases and MeRSZ (collection of electronic basic works by Akadémia Publishing House) as well as online contents in the fields of arts, sociology and music. You can acquire information about them by clicking to here.

The Library from home service has been expanded
Photo: MESZL

On the basis of the contracts with the providers, some of the databases are permanently available for library members from home, too; other services can be used by remote access only in the period of pandemic situation.
One of them is ARCANUM DIGITHECA (digitized science repository); now its contents bound to subscription are also available for readers with reader's card authorizing to borrow. The database contains more than 31 million pages including scientific and professional journals, weekly and daily newspapers, encyclopedias and thematic book collections. Remote access is available by the provider for the members of the Library during the pandemic emergency.

The service of database use is free of charge for readers with valid reader card. Please, click to here for more information about the use of databases through remote access.

The Library considers the requirements of those people who do not have reader's card authorizing to borrow, however, they want to use databases by remote access from home in the period of pandemic situation. After online registration, they can receive a virtual ticket / card for the cost of a library day-ticket as a discount; it is valid for 30 days. The so called online reader's status connected to virtual card authorizes the reader to use the service of remote access to databases, exclusively. (The right of alteration is reserved concerning the group of databases available online, by remote access.)

You can get your online reader's status by completing the form.
The thirty-day service costs HUF 1100; it is valid after paying the fee, from activation for 30 days, then it can be renewed.
The form sent by the reader is processed by our colleagues on workdays, 10 am - 6 pm. A letter of confirmation will be sent to email address given by the reader. Please check the junk mail folder (spams) of your mailbox because the letter of confirmation may go there. After registration, the service fee can be paid after login with the data sent in the letter of confirmation (by the library) on the platform of remote service on our website only by remote payment by SimplePay paying system of OTP Bank. Access to the databases is available only after paying the fee.
Furthermore, we recommend our free Library from home service. Within the frame of the new service our reference librarians provide technical assistance to use databases accessible remotely from home, search various information resources; they deliver contents electronically, according to possibilities provided by copyrights.

To see more information about the service, please click to here.

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