Reprographic service

All the documents of the Budapest Collection are protected materials, all copies must be permanently preserved. Therefore, some usage rules are stricter than usual. Most importantly, copying always requires a librarian's permission. The librarian can refuse the request due to stock protection or legal reasons or make it a subject of a specific procedure.

Please, always consult with a librarian before copying!

  • Self-service reproduction with the library's or reader's own device

    With the permission of a librarian readers can make copies

    • with the self-service photocopier in our reading room - of anything allowed; see Tariff
    • with the self-service document-protecting scanner on Level 4 - of printed text documents; see Tariff
    • with personal devices that do not come into contact with the surface of the document (e.g. camera, phone, tablet) and without a camera stand or separate lighting - only for note taking, not for professional reproduction

    According to copyright law you can only copy parts of protected documents. Reproduction of whole copyrighted documents or sheet music is prohibited.

  • Ordering copies for private use

    For private use, only photocopies can be ordered from the Budapest Collection. see Tariff

  • Copies for public use (publication, commercial distribution, etc.)

    Copies for public use (publication, commercial distribution, etc.)

    For public use, Budapest Collection is most often required to copy original photographs or other pictorial documents (posters, book illustrations, etc.).

    Some of them are available in the Budapest Picture Archive. Images can be downloaded from here and are free to copy and use if

    • the source of the image is indicated,
    • and if the use is not for commercial purposes, it does not generate income indirectly. (CC-BY-SA-4.0) Details

    In all other cases, a copy may be ordered from the library, permission is needed for use, and the library may charge a public usage fee in addition to the copy fee. The fee is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the purpose of use.

    In such cases, please

    1. Fill out our quotation form and send it to the address provided there.
    2. In our reply letter, we will give you a price offer according to our current directional prices.
    3. If our price offer is accepted in your response, our staff will send an order form for signing and state the method and deadline for performance and payment.

    Authors of books, articles and films are requested to order copies via the publisher or the editorial office or the production.


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