A great collection and some services offered to university students

Expanded services have been offered to students learning music and their teachers in our reader's spaces since 1 October 2021.

We briefly summarize what are provided to students by Music Collection.

Photos of the areas of Music Collection located on the 8th floor

Music Collection is a special library for classical music, with an objective to provide professional and amateur musicians with special literature, as well as to promote music education and research, and to support music culture in general.

›› A guided tour to show the library ‹‹

If you have not visited us yet, or you feel that you can find your way in our collection with difficulties, please ask free personal (individual) or group guided tour in the library; you can do that in email:  bandoli@fszek.hu

We are ready to answer all questions you have during the library walk (guided tour).

Required readings, music related books, journals
You can browse and borrow more than 15 000 music related books, several novelties are included; the pieces of this collection can be read not only in Hungarian but in some foreign languages such as English, German or French. There is a great bunch of exciting Hungarian and foreign music journals. In addition, required readings are also available in our collection.

Loan of music sheets
You can choose items of the collection of 50 000 music sheets. We have the most beautiful authentic Urtext editions, too.
Scores of schools of musical instruments, technical exercises, pieces of performances, musical scores of chamber music and vocal works, musical and piano scores can be borrowed.

Photos of the areas of Music Collection located on the 8th floor

You are welcomed to study and listen to music at us.
If you want to deal with something alone (you are absorbed in it) or to study with peers, the learning area of Music Collection offers friendly environment and pleasant atmosphere to everyone. You can take own laptop and smart devices, wifi access is available by registration and membership on the whole area of the library.
The audio repository covers more than 10 000 CDs and a collection of records (discothőque), focusing on mainly classical music and jazz. Please, bring your own headphone because of pandemic situation.

Venue to create, to be engrossed and inspired; the place where nobody disturbs you; it can be visited in pair or alone.

Our new workstations called Music Space offer not only creative softwares and databases but CD players and record players as well, so it is good for listening to music and watching films. You can listen to about 15 000 CDs and nearly 15 000 LPs (black records) in our library; the collection covers a wide range of genres including not only classical music and jazz but light music as well.  Besides the use of creative softwares you can search in databases - it is really necessary when writing a thesis.
Here is the short list of services of Music Space:
  • databases and search on the internet
  • use of open-source softwares related to score editing, video cutting, picture and text editing;
  • YouTube lists to play: Musescore, Audacity, Kdenlive, Inkscape, Scribus, GIMP, Blender. assistance is available in email: bandoli@fszek.hu
  • listening to music (you can choose from the collection of nearly 20 000 CDs and LPs)
  • music films, opera DVDs or any other DVDs of the Central Library can be watched
Considering epidemic situation please bring your own headphone for listening to music.

In addition, online databases – the greatest music databases of the world - are available from home, by remote access, using your membership card.
Oxford Music Online is a full-text and continuously updated music lexicon in English, including items (entries) concerning classical music, 
jazz as well as opera and pop music.
RILM is a partly full-text database containing more than 1 million items; it covers music themes, including several document types such as articles of music journals, books, bibliographies, dissertations (among others).

Guided tours to show the library
If you have not visited our library yet or cannot find your way (and necessary information) easily in the library collection, please seize the opportunity and ask for free library guide and we give answers to all of your questions.

Thesis? Personalized assistance.
Is a page number missing at footnote? Or do not you have any ideas how to get around to your thesis at all? Professional assistance as personalized support is provided by the librarians of Music Collection to make thesis in the field of music or create a collection of music related documents. If you have any complication in literature research, personalized assistance is available. Please feel free to ask our colleagues.
In case of the guided tour and thesis related assistance, please contact with Katalin Bándoli via e-mail: 

Discount of 50% for students
A great collection of belle lettres and humanities is available in the Central Library where the documents of Music Collection are also available to visitors; discount of 50% is provided to students: HUF 3300 per year, 2300 per half a year and 1650 per 3 months. If you have a membership card, it authorizes you to borrow documents belonging to the whole holdings of the Central Library. 

All students of secondary schools and universities are welcome.

Photos: MESZL